How it works

Cloud Logistics from Fulfillment Management Group

How it works

  • Start selling
  • We offer fast transportation
  • Optimization and automation
  • Managing your activity
  • Expand cooperation
  • Using new channels
  • Adapt your experience
  • Start selling

    Fulfillment Management Group will have no problems with working with the existing order support systems: automation of order placing, shipping tariffs in real time and status of inventory. Fulfillment Management Group works fine with most Internet stores and marketplaces.

  • We offer fast transportation and flexible terms

    Our shipping agents process the order on the same day and deliver the goods. Their strategic location allows them to reach regional and international customers in a matter of just few days.

    Our network of shipping agents will provide considerable savings in cargo transportation both for you and your customers.

    We are equipped well enough to ship a variety of products using an extensive list of options.

    Order processing on the same day
    Orders submitted to the warehouse before 2:30 pm local time are guaranteed to be shipped on the same day!
    Regular and express delivery
    Our shipping agents provide delivery on most regional addresses within 2 days for regular delivery and can also speed up the delivery.
    Flexible terms of international delivery
    We offer many international shipping options; forwarding agents in the world’s largest trade zones will cut your expenditure, and you won’t have to pay customs duties.
    Cargo delivery support
    We will take care of all the complexities associated with managing lengthy procedures of preparing papers for goods transportation and customs control.
    How do you want us to ship your goods?

    We do the packing

    • You provide boxes with freely placed, unpackaged goods
    • We pack the goods into boxes
    • Basic packing is free
    • One tracking number per one box

    You send us pre-packaged goods

    • You give us pre-packaged boxes
    • We leave your labeling and your own branding
    • We just attach the transportation label
    • One tracking number per one position
  • Optimization and automation of transportation

    We automatically decide on the best option for transportation, maintenance and packaging in order to effectively deliver the goods to the destination.

    Verify the address
    We recheck and correct addresses to ensure that the orders are delivered promptly and in a proper manner.
    Route the delivery
    We carefully route the delivery of your order, taking into account goods availability, delivery costs, as well as issues related to the border crossing.
    Manage the backlog of orders
    We track the backorders through proper accounting and place them on the most suitable warehouses.
    Choose the vehicle
    We choose the most cost-effective vehicles at the desired level of service, regardless of whether you are looking for a trustworthy or cheap means of shipping goods.
    Choose protective packaging
    We choose from a wide range of boxes and envelopes to ensure protection of goods during delivery.
    Package to reduce costs
    We consider several packaging options and choose the most cost-effective. For example, we’ll ship the order in two small boxes, if it is cheaper than in one box.
    Automate basing on rules
    We provide a wide range of settings that allow you to customize the automation at your convenience. For example, you can choose to view all orders above a certain price value, or decide to use the transportation services that require signature.
  • Managing your activity

    Thanks to experienced analysts, we track your order, inventory and supply chain conducted through Fulfillment Management Group forwarding agent or independently.

    With Fulfillment Management Group analysts and information panel, you’ll never have to worry about the location of your goods or customers. Detailed reports provide you will a general view of your delivery, so you’ll know exactly where you need to store the goods.

    Managing inventory
    Managing inventory through your forwarding agents will allow you to monitor the demand more effectively.
    Responding to an increase in sales
    We respond to an increase in sales or peak seasons, locating goods in the right place at the right time.
    Correcting automatically
    We automatically fix incorrect addresses in order to ensure timely delivery of goods to your customers.
    Managing international orders
    We manage the orders received from multiple sales channels, track key status and create special rules for choosing a method of processing or placing orders.
    Accessing the multi-user account
    Access to the multi-user account allows you to provide access to Fulfillment Management Group information panel to other people, with varying degrees of responsibility.
  • Expand cooperation in the field of cargo transportation

    Sidestep your rivals by establishing partnerships with other retailers and letting them sell your products to a wider audience.

    Preparing the packing list in accordance with the requirements of the customer
    We allow retailers to use their own forms of specification documents, including allowing them to put marking in the packing list.
    Electronic data interchange
    Fulfillment Management Group can satisfy your requirements for using electronic data interchange (EDI): both directly and via a value-added network (VAN).
    Using the retailer’s account for shipping
    We can charge the accounts of third parties and automatically ship orders using the retailers’ accounts so that they can manage supplies.
    Supporting multiple retailers
    We stipulate various preferences in packaging and delivery and ensure communication with each retailer you sell the goods to.
    Need more shipments?
    We can help you, starting with the regular packaging and ending with the third party carriers.
    We maintain reasonable wholesale and allow to split the consignment to reduce costs and increase sales.
    Automatic split of the consignment
    We reduce the cost of order processing by automatically splitting consignments by individual items.
    Transportation options
    We offer options of transportation by the completely full and less-than-full truck for orders larger than 1 pallet.
    Cross docking
    We ship the products to retailers and your customers at the same time or ship the pending orders as soon as they are received.
    Rearranging the sets of goods
    We can repackage your goods into our own packaging according to your request to enable you sell sets of goods to your customers.
    Product consolidation and placement
    Place your goods at our new Chinese warehouse before shipping international orders – this will allow you to significantly reduce your costs.
    Managing supply orders
    We stipulate various preferences in packaging and delivery and ensure communication with each retailer you sell the goods to.
  • Using new channels

    Retailing sites are rapidlydeveloping. Fulfillment Management Group can offer services to support exciting new sales channels.

    Last minute sales
    Last minute sales show good results if you need to eliminate a large number of stocks of goods, and want to reach the wider audience. After the sale is registered, we will automatically process all orders within the lot and print shipping labels if required.

    Last minute sales are presented as a Special Project at the moment

    Co-financing platforms
    Online co-financing projects supported by individual investors have given birth to numerous global brands of products recognized worldwide. Fulfillment Management Group ensured timely implementation of some of the most successful brands of products.

    Fulfillment Management Group will help you deliver orders from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many other co-financing platforms. Receive funding, create your product and deliver products to customers around the world with Fulfillment Management Group .

    Amazon, eBay and other sites
    It does not matter whether you have a Powerseller status on eBay or own a store on Amazon or not: services provided by Fulfillment Management Group can be easily integrated into existing sales. Placing of products on these popular marketplaces will help you offer your products to a wider customer base.
  • Adapt your experience in product delivery to customer’s requirements

    We will ensure that you look good in the eyes of the customer thanks to intelligent routing, professional packaging and some exciting additional features.

    Confirmation of shipment
    E-mails will be automatically sent to you and your customer, containing details of goods transportation. This message can be customized as you like.
    Labeling in accordance with the customer’s requirements
    We leave your markings when writing the sender’s name and address on each package, whether it is an office of your company or return address.
    Customized advertising inserts
    We put marketing materials in each consignment of products, like recommended or seasonal products, announcements, stickers or promotional CDs or DVDs.
    Actual tariffs
    We provide customers with delivery options and rates at a cashier counter, so that they can decide on the time and cost of delivery.
    Tracking codes
    You’ll get a tracking number once your orders have shipped from the warehouse
    Modification and cancellation of orders
    If your orders have not been processed yet, you can allow your customers to control the orders, enabling them to edit the order details (address, etc.) or cancel them.
    What other marks of the company you would like to leave on the packaging?
    Sometimes our clients could add gift wrapping, gift cards, box stickers, etc.

    Each order shipment carried out by our company is covered by the Fulfillment Management Group warranty.

    Level of our service ensures that you and your customers will always be satisfied.
    • We guarantee same-day shipment of each order

      Upon receipt of the order, it will be shipped from our warehouse the same day.

    • We guarantee 100% accuracy in shipment for each order

      In case of our fault, we’ll forward your order for free and give you a discount for the handling of your goods.

    • We guarantee the lowest prices for each shipment

      Optimization of time and cost will automatically select low prices and fast service.

    Order return? Damaged goods? No problem.
    Returns can be costly and disappointing for both you and your customers.

    You won’t have to worry about returns with our easy service to return the goods with free return delivery note.

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